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"She's f*cking great."

-Ashley J. Ward, Associate VFX Producer at Netflix 

"She was our 1st AD on the [The Romance of Loneliness] and was without a doubt, the best I've ever worked with.  She maintained that perfect balance of always having control, being personable, and going above & beyond by doing whatever was needed to make our days. [...] I don't often get the opportunity to recommend someone so highly, so I take pleasure in it when someone impresses me this much."

-Nick Case, Producer, Wild Tigers I Have Known, Christine  

"Emily was always a great asset to our team, which is why I absolutely recommend working with her."

-Andrew Moffett, Previs and Postvis Supervisor, Lightstorm Entertainment

"Emily was a thrill to work with on [Kings of Atlantis]. She worked as our production supervisor through out the production and kept us very organized, on time, on budget, and worked very well with our crew and financier, YouTube Red, who she interfaced with through out the show. In addition, she is a tech and Shotgun (production management software) whiz so when it came to pipeline issues or problems she was able to work with our IT department and director.  Handling our deliverables was not easy, but with her at our side, we got it done.  She rocks."

-Carrye Glazar, Head of Original Content/Producer at Mighty Coconut

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